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Our clients come from all over the world. We specialize in creating materials in both English and Russian

40 years of cumulative experience

Our employees gained experience in leading international consulting companies
Project coordinator, presentation designer
6+ year experience as a graphic designer in the consulting industry. Fan of cinema art.
Arseniy Gubanov
Copywriter and translation expert – responsible for the text and structure of presentations
18+ years in language services. Fashion stylist.
Evgeniya Khegay
Zhibek Aliyeva
Often finds herself absorbed with gaming and interior design. Loves travel.
Analyst and designer, project coordinator
Company founder and leader
13+ years as a graphic designer in a global consulting firm McKisney&Company. Expert business management with passion for dancing, traveling, and volleyball.
Yuliya Klyushina
Consulting expert
10+ years in international consulting firms. Experienced investor and startup founder. Plays football and tennis, and piano! Holds a medical degree.
Anton Elemoso
Project coordinator – responsible for communicating with clients, assigning tasks and adhering to timelines
McKinsey & Company alumnus. Fond of team sports and intellectual quizzes.
Stas Tuybakhtin
Presentation designer, animated video, motion design, 3D illustrations
Shoots atmospheric videos while traveling, amateur artist.
Adelian Ilik
Financial expert, contributor to the company strategy development
10+ years in the pricing policy and revenue management at major global companies (Schneider Electric, Takeda). Loves reading books, meeting with friends and traveling.
Oksana Efremova
Olga Lekarenko
10+ years in marketing, product management, and business process optimization. Improved client experience at large corporations. Keen on playing tennis, snowboarding, learning arts and psychology.
Marketing and product launch expert
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