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An investor pitch deck for a high-tech startup
Polyn Technology
Open Converged Networks
An investor pitch deck for a client providing software and hardware solutions for data centers and data transmission networks
Yaroslavsky Distillery
A catalogue presenting a collection of brands and products for foreign partners in the B2B segment

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You are limited in resources and the deadline is already close

There is a large amount of information to be processed and conveyed on the slides

Your company has a rigid corporate style and tone of voice

Materials must meet the standards of international companies

Don't worry for another minute

We will implement any of your creative ideas to promote your business


We will research the market and the product, gather data, and prepare a convincing presentation for the investor


We will explore the market and develop a strategy and implementation plan for your company


We will deliver your message to your audience in exciting, memorable slides



We will translate and adapt your materials to foreign markets


We will edit your videos or add animation to reveal complex ideas in a smart way

We deal with even the most difficult materials

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400 slides in 3 days is a record so far. Let us take care of the materials so you can focus on your business. We'll wrap up your presentation on schedule

Any volume and any time frames

Be assured

Since our team members are located in different time zones, we are accessible at all times

Always on the line

Our one-of-a-kind team of designers, analysts, translators, videographers, marketers, and financial professionals can meet any of your needs

All services in one place

Each client signs an NDA, and frequent clients sign a post-payment agreement

VisualPoint is a team of designers and analysts, and experts with a background in global consulting companies

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