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pitch-deck | OCN

A pitch deck for an investor in the
data centers and transmission
networks industry

How we succeeded in expressing complex information in simple words with investor-convincing infographics

The task

OCN is a developer of innovative software and hardware solutions for data centers and transmission networks.

The client provided us with a presentation in two languages that was overloaded with technical terminology. Our task was to redesign the structure and rewrite the content so that the pitch deck was clear and understandable to the external audience. We were also tasked with additional jobs, such as to perform analysis, design a business model, and collect and present market insights in a way that best demonstrates the financial attractiveness of the project.

The key challenge

Our key challenge was to convey the value of the product to investors in simple language.

The client develops a complex technical solution for data storage and transmission networks. The market, on the other hand, consists of many players (cloud providers, service providers, data centers, etc.) The effect of implementing the solution on the customers is also multicomponent.

All this had to be conveyed in an understandable, simple language – and with a limited number of slides! Due to our close cooperation with the client, we were able to present the advantages of the product through simple concepts, facts and numbers that were previously understandable only to field specialists.

Working with information

We carried out in-depth research of this market niche and reviewed all relevant publications. And we formulated the reasons why investors would like the product.

Working closely with the client, we built a business model and defined a go-to-market strategy.

The structure and content

We elaborated on the pitch deck guided by the rule “one slide – one thought” and carried out several iterations with the client to approve the structure, content, strategies, and plans.

And all this was done in two languages – English and Russian.

Executive Summary

Once the pitch deck was ready, we were tasked by the client to write an executive summary.

This is a one/two-page document that summarizes the key investors information, i.e. description of the problem and the solution, go-to-market strategy, key competitors and the expected financial performance of the project.

We prepared two options to choose from: a two-slide executive summary and a one-page teaser with extra information. Using the design capabilities, we highlighted the advantages of the startup solution to spur investor interest.
Two-pager executive summary:
One-page "teaser":

The result

The client had a very successful meeting with a potential investor. Our pitch deck helped convince them of the attractiveness of the project.
Hello team! We have reviewed your pitch deck — excellent job! It was a pleasure and a true delight to work closely with you on this pitch deck. I think we can consider the job complete.

Thank you again for your effort! You helped us to express complicated topics in simple, elegant and well-arranged content. You helped us build a very good foundation which we will continue to develop as we go.

I hope that our pitch deck will attract the desired funding and propel us to a new level.

Client’s feedback

Artem Fedoseev
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