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A catalog of brands and products for international partners (B2B)

Логотип Ярославского ликеров-водочного завода
people in the project team
days from request to the final layout
custom slides
modern professional presentation in the B2B market

The task

We were asked by Yaroslavl Distillery to design and define the structure and content of their pitch deck both in Russian and English.

The client provided only basic corporate colors without any corporate style brandbook, templates or guidelines.

What we did

For this project, we collected information about the company's products from various sources, adapted descriptions for marketing purposes and packed them together with a creative, modern and striking design.

We also did research of the advertising and marketing materials on the US and EU top alcohol brands, revealed the core principles of communication with partners in the industry and defined the optimal structure of the future deck as well as the main elements in the description of alcohol products.

Divided the pitch deck

Into 9 sections for easy navigation. Each section contains marketing as well as technical information about the products. We made the technical part visually understandable and easy to read.

Created unique content

For the deck – in English, then in Russian, considering the official terminology used in the Federal Alcohol Register.

Designed several concepts

From which the client could choose the most suitable and most illustrative of their company’s positions.

The result

We designed a modern, creative and informative pitch deck which Yaroslavl Distillery can now use in their external communication with foreign partners and as supplementary material distributed along with their commercial offer.
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