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A pitch deck for Round A funding of a high-tech startup

How we helped promote an innovative idea in the global microelectronics market
POLYN Technology is an international company offering a unique technology that allows converting trained neural networks into chips. Chips process analog signals directly from the sensors and feature super-low power consumption, lower latency and compact size, which opens up a wide range of application — from reading physiological parameters as in smart watches to speech recognition.

The client approached us having a ready business model and being in the negotiation process with potential customers.

The task

The client provided us with reference materials, such as an investment memorandum and documents describing their technology, its advantages and the scope of applications.

Initially, the client needed a classical pitch deck presentation. The key challenge was to understand and convey the essence of the technology and its market advantages over existing solutions in understandable visual images.

Moreover, our job was to render technically complex and dense information into compliance with the rules of a pitch-deck genre. In the following months, we also prepared presentations about the technology and individual products for the startup.

Working with information

We plunged into the topic, studied the materials and the market. We structured the information, shortened the texts and rewrote them both in Russian and English, then arranged the content on the slides according to the rules of a VC pitch deck.

The structure and content

We designed a new template – defined the fonts, color palette and style. We generated original illustrations and graphics describing the technology according to the client's original idea.

The result

The client held several successful meetings with potential investors and partners. The pitch deck proved to be very effective in attracting investments and negotiating with partners.
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